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How About Todd Collins!?!

Todd is playing great, just think where this team will probably be with Todd Collins playing vs. Damon Huard. We never got to see Todd play because Trent never got hurt. Now he's looking amazing. Im happy for him and Al in Washington.

Well the season is over, i imagine the roster will be torn apart quickly. Next season will be better. After a lot of thought into it, i do not think Brodie is our QB of the future. He looks like a carrear backup, it's going to be interesting to see what the Chiefs do in the draft.

With the lost today, we are in position to have the 4th or 5th pick. I wouldn't mind having Matt Ryan from Boston College!! Now he could be our QB of the future!!!!!
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Lol, Todd Collins was never the starter type, and if anyone trys to get him to be their starter next year, they will be as soorely disappointed as the Chiefs in 2007. As far as the draft, I would be not very happy with Ryan, he has only had 1 season of excellent productivity, and his lack of accuracy scares me, and I feel it will turn into a lot of INT's on the pro level. The only QB I would be happy with in the first round would be Brian Brohm, who has the makings of a franchise QB. He has consistantly produced as a high level over his college career, despite not having the best talent around him.
Keep in mind Brain Brohm he tore his ACL in 2005. I don't see any team wasting a first round pick on him, especially the Chiefs considering we are picking somewhere between 4th-6th. He is not worth that high and not worth that type of money. That is too much of a risk for a player who In 2005 he tore his ACL. I see him going maybe in the 2nd round or later.

Matt Ryan is the best QB coming out and is projected to be a top 10, if not 5 pick.