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4 games left!

Well there a lot of things I can talk about in Chiefs land. Priest Holmes retiring, the emergence of Kobe Smith, the awesome year Allen is having, but the thing that’s really on my mind is the fact we are officially eliminated from the playoffs race.

Am I surprised? No! To convince oneself that we are not in rebuilding would be foolish. Although we’re eliminated from the championship race, we still have a lot to play for. Brodie needs to get back on the field, win some games for us, and show us what he can do so we can know what to do in the draft next year. Kobe needs this time to really emerge so next year we’ll have a dynamitic 1, 2 punch with LJ and KS.

Also nothing would satisfy me more than to play playoff spoiler. We’ve got Denver, Tennessee, and Detroit on our schedule. Each of those teams is fighting for their playoffs lives!! A lost to KC can keep them home with us. And the most important game for our coach, beating the J.E.T.S Jets! Jets! Jets! We have to bring that victory home for Herm.

So there are lots of things to play for, hopefully we can keep it exciting.
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