tarvaries (nindown) wrote in chiefs,

Even though we lost, we control our own destiny in the division.

We had the chance to go up 2 games on the chargers, and possibly 3 with next week win against Denver.

But right now, we are tied at 4-4, yet we have the tie-breaker, consequently we're up one game on the Chargers.

Next week game against Denver is a must win! If we win, we are 5-4; Denver falls to 3-6 and the Chargers who WILL LOSE to the Colts will fall to 4-5. If we lose, Denver 4-5, Chiefs 4-5, and the Chargers will be 4-5. I like the other situation better.

If you look at our schedule, we control our own destiny in the division. Regardless of what the other teams do, if we win our final 4 division games which 3/4 are at home, we will win the AFC West.

Even if we lose every other game but the division games and end up at 8-8...we win the division and have a home game in the playoffs!!! Unless the Chargers run the table and beat the Colts, Titians, Jaguars, Lions, Chiefs, Ravens. With the way they're playing...I don't think they could do that, likewise Im not concerned with Denver or Oakland.

Mark my words, 8-8 will probably win this division, I know 9-7 will get it. We just have to keep winning these division games. We play the next 3 out of 4 division games at home. We can do it!!
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